Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming

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Who we are

Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming is a charity that is fighting to end the life-chaining of dogs in New Zealand.

It specialises in working with life-chained dogs, and has gained many years of experience and expertise in this area. They empower dog owners by providing them with the tools necessary that will remove the need for dogs to be life-chained.

They also work with pounds to help rehome dogs, and with people needing help to rehome their dog without judgment.

Here’s the difference your gift could make:
$10 could buy a dog in their care 5 meals, and 5 full bellies;
$25 could buy a dog a microchip, so if anything happens they can find and identify the dog and get it home;
$50 could buy a Parvo vaccination, so no dog has to suffer needlessly.