Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust

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Who we are

Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust is based in Dunedin and provides direct support to people in mental distress and crisis by a team of 20+ dedicated and trained peer supporters. Their support services are available virtually to all throughout NZ as well as face to face in Dunedin. All of their services are provided free of charge. They are completely funded by community grants & donations.

Life Matters is a peer support service led by peers with lived experience.Peer support is an evidence-based practice based on the key principles of respect, shared responsibility, mutuality, and choice. It is not based on psychiatric diagnoses and labels. It involves sharing experiences (in particular, lived experience/experiential knowledge) in order to support each other.

In 2022, Life Matters provided almost 600 peer support sessions, referred around 30 people to therapy/counselling sessions and supported more than 50 crisis drop ins, with most continuing to use office-hours peer support and advocacy services.

Here's the difference your gift could make:
- $100 could provide an hour-long peer support session.
- $50 could cover the cost of ensuring good de-briefing after a session with a senior peer supporter.
- $20 could produce 50 stickers to promote suicide prevention in the community.