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Lifeline Aotearoa’s caring, specially trained counsellors have been supporting Kiwis in distress for 60 years. They give hope and save lives. This is only possible thanks to donations, as Lifeline does not receive government funding.

Every day, Lifeline Aotearoa receives hundreds of calls and texts from people for a number of reasons, including relationship difficulties, loneliness and isolation, anxiety and depression and mental health struggles. An average of 15-20 people at high risk of suicide or self-harm are supported to safety by a Lifeline counsellor every day.

A further 300 calls and 1,000 texts are sent and received through Lifeline’s national 24/7 counselling service, ensuring people of all ages can access the support they need, when they need it – no matter where they live, or who they are.

The difference your gift could make:
*$36 covers the cost of a call to Lifeline's free, confidential helpline.