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Who we are

We exist to support the 5,000+ families who experience a neonatal journey in New Zealand EVERY YEAR. With 10% of babies born premature, and many more born full-term with serious health issues, many families experience a journey full of stress and anxiety. We help by:
1. Supporting neonatal families through the stress and anxiety of their journey
2. Funding neonatal research to increase understanding and enhance outcomes
3. Supporting the neonatal units and their staff so the babies receive the best care.
A gift of $10 could pay for a support pack to go out to a family in need - containing a small gift to acknowledge the arrival of the baby (such as knitted boots and a hat) and a copy of "what to expect - when it wasn’t what you expected" (a handy all you need to know booklet providing parents with the information they need to help them get through their time in the neonatal unit). $20 could pay for a winter warmer pack. $50 could pay for supermarket vouchers for a neonatal family.