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Fertility Week - I am one in four

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13th September 2021 - Occured

One in four New Zealanders will be impacted by fertility challenges during their lifetime. If you, or someone you know has been affected, your donation could help us in this way: - A donation of $20 will enable two people to receive Helpline support - A donation of $200 will allow one volunteer to be fully trained to provide support in their community. Infertility is a life crisis, where hopes and dreams are challenged and a sense of lack of control prevails. Fertility Week: I am one in four will help support and guide people facing the rigours of infertility, and inform those who want to be parents in the future. It will also help guide friends and whānau on how to support someone facing infertility. Fertility New Zealand walks alongside all people facing fertility challenges. If you, or someone you know has been affected, please consider making a donation to make someone’s journey that much easier.

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