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Hanna's Birthday!

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16th July 2020 - Occured

I have recently become more involved in helping out with this rescue who I have met through my work. They are amazing and have helped us rehome more dogs from the shelter. Some dogs need more training, expensive vet care or socialisation that can't be done whilst staying at the Shelter with us so by having such a great relationship with these guys, we are able to find homes for more dogs in need. For my birthday this year I'm asking for donations to help them out so they can continue to help dogs from my work and from all over NZ. So if you can spare even the price of a coffee, I'd really appreciate it:) Thank you!

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Gifts & Messages

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09/07/20 8:38amMICHAEL  GIFTEDHappy birthday hope you a really good day
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07/07/20 9:21amSUZ CRESSWELL  GIFTEDWhat a great idea! Happy Birthday!
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02/07/20 9:53amKELSEY & MADDIE  GIFTEDWhat an awesome idea! Happy birthday xx
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02/07/20 9:19amCARLY GIFTEDHappy birthday for the 16th girl. Hope you have a fab day :) Awesome rescue 💕