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Juanita’s Birthday Registry

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11th October 2020 - Occured

My battle with infertility was one of the toughest battles of my life. It culminated in our amazing Hazel - we were one of the lucky ones who achieve the “end goal” of a precious child. This experience changed me and as a result I want to help others facing the same challenge, so I volunteer my time to Fertility New Zealand. Our organisation is amazing and does so much to help thousands of kiwis facing infertility. So ... instead of buying me a birthday gift or card this year, please consider a donation to FNZ via The Good Registry. Any size gift will make a difference. Thank you!!

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Gifts & Messages

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12/10/20 7:41pmBERNADETTE LEADLEY  GIFTEDHappy Birthday! 🎂🥳🥂
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12/10/20 4:33pmSHELL GIFTED
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12/10/20 12:29pmMONIQUE GIFTEDI’ll never forget the day you said you were pregnant. Hoping many others can have that joy through the support of Fertility NZ.
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10/10/20 6:36pmILISA GIFTEDHappy birthday!! You're going to be my favourite number this year!! What a fabulous gift!! I hope you have a wonderful day and can't wait to clink a glass soon xxx
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10/10/20 5:47pmKRISTA GIFTEDHappy birthday lovely!!