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Round the Bridges



20th November 2018 - Occured

Noa'ia (hello in Rotuman) My name is Joseph Monise, and I am looking for more people to join the Seed Waikato Round the Bridges team and fundraise for our 2019 plans. Our goal is to fundraise $2500 to empower Seed Waikato to develop digital education and resources to inspire the next generation. If you've felt the positive impact of Seed Waikato, or cheer us from the sidelines, this is your opportunity to get involved in fundraising funds. Round the Bridges is a great opportunity to bring the Waikato community together to promote health and fitness in a family friendly way. And we need you to jump on board. I am not an athlete, but I care for my community enough to participate and give back to a charity that influences and empowers millennials. 6kms is the goal for me and my team! Get on board this vaka. Current team: - Joseph Monise - Gemma Major - Abby Van De Ven - Cassidy Temese - Chelsea Connell - Jess Featherstone - Chartlotte Natusch - YOUR NAME COULD BE HERE!

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Gifts & Messages

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23/11/18 8:25pmLEEANNE GIFTEDWell done Team Seed... and Jess!!
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19/11/18 9:30amGLORY  GIFTEDGo Joe and team! Love you my son
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18/11/18 8:46pmBEN GIFTEDWell done Abby keep up the cause
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18/11/18 3:34pmBRADEN GIFTEDYou're awesome ☀
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18/11/18 9:38amBRIDGET GIFTEDGet it girl!! Dig in hard Charlotte! Good luck! x