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Support Afghan families' safe return to Aotearoa ❤

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23rd September 2021 - Occured

If you've been stuck wondering what you could do to help the dire situation in Afghanistan, you're not alone - Courtney Ellingham Prebble and I have been feeling the same. It's quite strange to have some of the harsh realities of the situation at our fingertips, on our smartphones, only to switch them off and continue with our normal, safe and privileged lives. A video of Afghan people clinging and falling from a US military plane I saw on Instagram is something that will stick with me for a long time. Auckland Refugee Family Trust has three families in Afghanistan, women and children who are ready with visas and bags packed, who have asked for help so they can join their husbands and fathers in New Zealand. In the absence of commercial flights, ARFT are advocating for the families they are supporting to be granted any empty seats on evacuation flights out of Kabul. As we are in lockdown, you might not be paying for your daily coffee, your commute, work lunches, dinners, drinks, gigs - you name it. Instead, if you're in the position to, we'd be so grateful for you to donate what would've other been spent on those things to ARFT - and support families coming back to Aotearoa. ARFT does not often put out this kind of SOS but lives are at stake, and they are tens of thousands of dollars short of being able to help the families they are supporting. Please share our registry with your friends, families, and your networks. Use this as an opportunity to spread kindness to those who need it most right now.

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