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William's Birthday Gift Party



7th April 2019 - Occured

Kia ora people! This year I decided to live a life of purpose, so I want to pledge my upcoming birthday for one of my favourite charities: Seed Waikato, which is a movement of millennials who are redefining what it means to be young, here and now. They want to see millennials claim back their agency, and they do this by developing online education tools, by running inspiring events, and through building partnerships that upskill millennials so that they become great problem solvers, confident decision makers, and informed voters. I have chosen to fundraise for Seed Waikato because I believe that every young person has the power to thrive and accomplish their dreams. Seed Waikato has helped me develop more confidence in myself thanks to the wonderful young leaders that I have met through their inspirational events. If you believe in this amazing cause, here are some ideas to inspire your donations: $5 for a coffee/tea $15 for a roadtrip to your favourite beach $30 for 30 years on the planet $40 for a present $60 for dinner & drinks $100+ coz you can My goal is to fundraise $150. No donation is too small. Thank you very much for your contributions and let's share some love!

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Gifts & Messages

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08/04/19 10:23amMARK POWELL GIFTEDGreat Initiative
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07/04/19 3:52pmANON GIFTEDHappy bday William
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07/04/19 3:15pmANON GIFTEDHappy birthday!
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07/04/19 1:34pmLAURA FIFIELD GIFTEDHappy birthday !! Thank you for supporting Seed Waikato =)
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07/04/19 10:30amGRACE GAO GIFTEDHappy birthday William, do appreciate your wonderful idea for birthday gift!