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7 day KIND MIND meditation challenge - Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

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6th October 2021 - Occured

Hi I'm Lotty Roberts founder of 'Mind U' - I'm all about helping people, teams, and organisations to mentally and physically flourish in an ever changing, uncertain and often challenging world. )Monday 27th September to 3rd October is Mental Health awareness week in NZ and to support this and your mental health has set up the 7 day KIND MIND MEDITATION CHALLENGE The mind can be a harsh and cruel drill Sargent - which really isn’t helpful - I mean don’t we have enough to contend with. I believe one of the things that affects our mental health the most is not so much the crap fest of challenges that can and will happen around us, rather it’s our capacity to be kinder, less judgey, more open and understanding with ourselves and others. We’re likely all feeling the scar tissue mentally from the past few weeks, months, and years of poo that have been piled in our path. Each day I’ll run 30 min zoom session which will include a short talk and 15 to 20 min guided meditation. I’ll also provide reflection prompts to support the challenge too. The challenge is free to sign up however I have set up this page to accept koha donations all of which will go to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. Even if it's a couple of bucks your donation is so gratefully received. Spread the word and share the Aroha to support our oh so precious and tender minds. Here is the link to sign up to the challenge. Pema Choudron said “attention without kindness is warfare” - so sign up to the KIND MIND CHALLENGE now and befriend the mind rather than it being a battlefield.

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06/10/21 7:15pmNICK HALIKIAS GIFTEDA very worthy cause
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06/10/21 3:47pmSERAH GIFTED
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05/10/21 6:54pmJOSEPHINE RAJINI GIFTEDThank you for the lovely session. You have made a great difference in my life
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04/10/21 8:12pmANON GIFTEDThank you for the awesome space and time out
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04/10/21 10:54amLOTTY  GIFTED