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In loving memory of Jay Mac

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31st December 2022

Our darling baby Jay passed away in September 2021. We received incredible support from The Neonatal Trust along Jay's journey and we're really impressed by the work they do! In memory of Jay, we would love to give something back and are aiming to raise $5000 by the end of 2022! Jay leaves a legacy of joy and bravery: “Jay was strong, charismatic and a total darling. He had the brightest light which shone from within him. Nothing could dim it. Not the pain, not the tubes, nothing." — Auntie Lucy.

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Gifts & Messages

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29/04/22 6:26pmJO GIFTEDFor treasure baby Jay
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06/02/22 2:42amTHE FOREMANS GIFTEDThinking of you guys and sending huge love from Neil, Ruth and all the Foremans across the ocean.
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20/01/22 4:24pmHOLLY NORTON GIFTEDHope you reach your goal! Sending aroha and strength as you get back to work and continue your amazing mahi helping others. You are always an inspiration Sarah :)
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23/12/21 7:49amTHE PROUDEST AUNTIE GIFTEDNot a day goes by where I don't think of my special boy and feel grateful to have known such an incredible wee soul 🥰 so grateful for NICU and the Neonatal Trust. Love Auntie Lucy xx