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Mandas Birthday. AGAIN!

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6th July 2021 - Occured

I'm a big fan of the work that the INCREDIBLE team at Chained Dog Rehab & Rehoming do, and I want to keep doing my bit to help them. I don't need presents, I want these dogs to get what they need whether it be dentals, medication or just a warm soft bed to sleep in for the first time in their lives. Donating even $1 will help the team give this to these deserving dogs. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.... Pic of one of the Chained Dog fosters - Layla, the dog dumped at 13 years old

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Gifts & Messages

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22/06/21 5:42pmJAC GIFTEDHappy Birthday :)
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22/06/21 9:36amPARIS GIFTEDHappy Birthday other mum! Here's some $ to keep those annoying barky pests that think they can chase me and not get a smack on the nose with my razor paws, far away from me and my kingdom.
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17/06/21 5:54pmGINA GIFTEDHappy birthday. Love what you do xx